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Let’s go for a trip to London together. The British metropolis will charm you with its vividness, world-famous historical sights, vast parks and original shops.  Enjoy popular fish & chips, take a selfie under Big Ben, don’t miss the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, view the city from the height of the London Eye and remember to look to the right at the zebra crossing. London has prepared unforgettable memories for you. 

One of the biggest cities in Europe will greet you with world-famous historical sights which have witnessed a lot of significant events.  Don’t skip the place where the British history was written – a county City where St Paul’s Cathedral or the 62-metre tall Monument to the Great Fire of London are located.  You can take a look at the British Crown Jewels hidden in a former fortress the Tower of London within a hair’s breadth. Tower Bridge, probably the most famous bridge in the world, was named after it. If you are lucky, maybe you will see the bridge lift right during your visit since it happens approximately five hundred times a year. You can check the exact time on the clock of the famous 97-metre tall tower Big Ben in the Palace of Westminster. To get to neon advertising signs at Piccadilly Circus, walk along Downing Street where you can find the house Number 10 – the traditional home of the Prime Minister. Moreover, in Greenwich district, taking one step over a prime meridian can immediately get you from Eastern to Western Hemisphere. Switch from sightseeing to shopping on Oxford Street. If you want to enjoy even more original moments, you definitely shouldn’t skip Camden Town.  And if you want to feel like a movie star while shopping, head to Nothing Hill, Portobello Road where spectacular markets are held every Saturday. They are full of antiquities, original second-hand goods, vintage accessories, fresh food and souvenirs too.

London is simply irreplaceable and its vividness is infinite. Come and explore it with us. It is possible to purchase the ticket for wonderful promotion prices within the international lines to London in case you buy it in advance. So don’t hesitate to book your ticket today! For all the information click HERE.


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