Road to Romance in Verona


In Verona, in the north of Italy, you will not find a boulevard full of glitter reflectors or high rise buildings. On the contrary, this city breathes the atmosphere with an antiquity and preserves its ancient impression. Come with us for a stroll down the streets as cut out of the history book and find out why Shakespeare set his love story masterpiece of all the times in this city. 

The amphitheater L´Arena resembling the Roman Colosseum will bring you to times when Verona was one of Roman colonies. Today, it offers various performances of more peaceful nature than in old ancient times. In close proximity, you can take a short siesta at the Piazza Bra square lined with dozens of colorful houses, hiding restaurants and cafés eager to welcome its visitors. Streets coming from Arena meet in the heart of the city, in the Piazza delle Erbe square. In its immediate vicinity you will admire ancient buildings surrounding the Piazza dei Signori square. By a short walk from Piazza delle Erbe bringing you at the end of alley, you will come to a small courtyard with the famous house in Verona and its even more famous balcony. You have just discovered the Casa dei Giulietta, a place which inspired William Shakespeare to write an unforgettable balcony scene about Romeo and Juliet. Do not forget to touch the statue of Juliet; it will bring you happiness, as the rumor has it.   Piazza delle Erbe is dominated by two eye-catching monuments, Verona´s statue, patroness of the city and the Torre dei Lamberti tower. Check your condition on 238 stairs. You will be rewarded with the fantastic view. Cross the Ponte di Pietra bridge on the other side of the Adige river. On the hill above the river, you will find theatre from the 1st century built by Romans. The archeological museum just next to the Roman Theatre houses important artefacts and finds of the Verona and its surroundings. The sunset here is believed to be one of the most beautiful in Verona. 

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