Return ticket to Milan to EXPO 2015 for only €50


Eurolines have prepared for you an attractive offer: We will transport you to Milan and back for only €50. So don't hesitate and visit the unique exposition MILANO EXPO 2015.
EXPO MILANO 2015 in brief

The EXPO MILANO 2015 exposition is a huge stage on which the participating countries present innovative solutions relating the planet and mankind nutrition and our approach to the environment. One of the most innovative features of the EXPO Milano 2015 exposition is the conceptual approach to the theme 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'. The motif of this concept will be reflected in all activities associated with this world exposition. Although the main theme is the nutrition of mankind, the exposition also focuses on other goals related to it:
- Taking care about the environment in which we live and about the places on the world where food products come from;
- Natural biological role in ensuring nutrition not only for ourselves but also for next generations with respect to the environment and its development.

Conditions for travelling to Milan and back for only €50:
- The ticket must be issued for a fixed date of the journey there and back;
- The ticket may be issued only for journeys made between 5.5.2015 and 31.10.2015;
- Ticket bought for this price may not be cancelled and the date of the journey may not be changed;
- The number of tickets is limited to 4 tickets for each coach.

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