Paris or Milan?


Some people like monuments, others like interesting facts or fashion.
That's why we have chosen for you from our offer the destinations of Milan and Paris this month.
Enjoy longer May weekends.


What to do in Paris?
The impressive view of whole Paris and surrounding greenery and blooming parks from the Eiffel Tower is the biggest attraction these days. Another attraction is sailing by boat on the Seine or the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Don't forget Paris is a fashion city, so you'll find there the most popular shoe and clothing brands. However, if you want to do something else than shopping, the Galeries Lafayette is surely the right for you.

What to do in Milan?
This year, one of the most interesting expositions, EXPO MILANO 2015, takes place in Milan, the main theme being 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'. You will also find there stunning monuments, such as the Milan Cathedral or the popular church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Shopping, shopping, shopping - that's probably the most known thing about Milan. So, rush to the Galleria Emanuele Vittorio II.

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