Outside the Walls of Avignon


In the land of lavender fields and never ending vineyards, in Provence, there is ancient historic treasure lying on a bank of Rhône, surrounded by walls - Avignon. Take your time and discover its interesting architecture, paved streets, cosy squares and the majesty of the Papal palace. Take one of the four gates to enter this museum under the open sky and enjoy the historic atmosphere. You certainly won't leave disappointed.

The most known monument of Avignon is the iconic bridge Pont Saint-Bénezet, also known as the bridge of Avignon. However, you won't get to the other side through it. It's because the bridge ends in the middle of the Rhône. But it's surely worth a visit as it offers a nice view of the city and its historic centre. You can enjoy the noise of the busy city on the La Place de l‘Horloge square - a square with the astronomical clock, where you can relax in one of the many cafés. When taking a walk through the ancient city streets, your steps will be watched by many statues of the Virgin Mary which has been the patroness of the city since she protected it from plague epidemic in the 14st century. In Avignon, the city of popes, you will also find the largest Gothic palace in the whole world - Palais de Papes or the Papal palace. In the 14th century, 9 popes were elected in it. You will be amazed by its majesty; its largest hall, the dining room, is 48 metres long. Next to the palace, there is the Notre-Dame-des-Doms cathedral with the beautiful greenery of Jardin du Rocher des Doms park. If you want to enjoy art, don't miss the museums Musée Calvet and Fondation Angladon-Dubrujeaud. In the summer, Avignon comes to life with its musical and theatre festival. Apart from culture and art, don't forget to taste the delicious Provence cuisine with the smell of thyme and rosemary.

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