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The Peace Capital or the world's most compact metropolis - that's Swiss Geneva. Situated at the foot of the Alps and on the bank of stunning Lake Geneva, the city will fascinate you with its electrifying atmosphere, luxury and best watches in the world. If you dream of visiting Geneva, now is the right time to make it come true.

The second largest city of Switzerland is a known home of many international organizations, such as WHO, CERN or UN, as well as of a number of beautiful beach promenades, parks, romantic streets and elegant stores. The most known dominant of the city, the tallest fountain in Europe Jet d'Eau, is located in the Geneva harbour. The water is jetted at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour to an altitude of 140 metres and is allegedly visible from an altitude of 10 kilometres. A stunning view of the fountain is possible from ship MS Genève, which was built in 1896 as one of the first boats of the Belle Époque - Beautiful Age. It is also known as the place of murder of Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria, also known as Sisi. A "living" view of the past is offered by the Old Town, while more than thirty museums and art galleries reflect the rich history of the city. Visit, for example, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum or the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. If you want to do some shopping or just have a look at display windows, don't miss the known streets Rue du Marché and Rue du Rhône. The latter is the third most expensive street in the world for gold, platinum or brilliant watches of different luxury brands. Heaven on earth can be found in parks on the bank of Lake Geneva or on the twenty-eight hectares of the botanical garden. According to some people, the largest attraction is located 2 kilometres away from the city. Near the Place des Nations, in park Ariana, there is the Palace of Nations, which is the second-largest building complex in Europe after French Versailles. If you like to combine visits to a city with active relax, Genève is the perfect base for trips to the surrounding nature. You can enjoy cycling, hiking as well as a ski holiday here. 

Buy your ticket today and set off for making your Geneva dream come true!

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