Have you made the New Year's resolution to travel around Europe, too?


EUROLINES offers lines to 36 countries and more than 600 places all over Europe. A high-quality level of operation is provided in the international transport within the association. Drivers of the international lines have attended special training and speak foreign languages. The fleet on these lines consists of air-conditioned luxurious coaches providing high standard and culture of traveling.

Why with Eurolines?
- most price-efficient fares without additional hidden fees,
- you pay for what you see,
- travel fees, road taxes and ferry are included in the price,
- most of the lines transport you from a city centre to a city centre,
- you don't have to pay expensive transfers,
- free-of-charge transportation of 2 pieces of medium-size luggage,
- you can travel around Europe independently with a 15 or 30-day Eurolines Pass.

The EUROLINES brand was granted the 2014 Superbrands award in Slovakia.
For more information about the SUPERBRANDS award click >>HERE<<

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