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Located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade, the former capital of Yugoslavia, today the capital of Serbia, offers you a mixture of European capital cities and Balkan spontaneity, jointly creating the unique atmosphere of this city. Get among its residents and their stories!

Belgrade has both slums and luxury areas, you can enjoy Paris atmosphere in the bohemian district Skadarlija which is full of night clubs or the brutalist architecture in one of the marginal city areas. Don't miss Stari Grad - the old town being the historic centre with museums, galleries, historic buildings and streets where the history of the city and the whole country was being made. Take the narrow streets to the Kalemegdan Fort sitting above the city, whose name consists of "kale" - fort and "meydan" - battlefield, as a proof of the bloody yet exciting history of this place. Take a view of whole Belgrade from the fort and relax in the shadow of canopies in the nearby park with the same name. You will be amazed by how large the Church of Saint Sava is - it is the largest orthodox church in Serbia and one of the largest orthodox buildings in Europe. The fans of sports and free-time activities in nature can visit Ada Ciganlija, an island in the Sava with an artificial lake and beautiful stone beach, which is the synonym of beautiful summer in Belgrade. The capital of Serbia bears with it its sad history, documented by bombed ruins of buildings, yet ready to blossom, satisfy its visitors and surprise them at every corner.

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