Daffodil Day



1. Take an original selfie with a daffodil

2. Add a positive message for oncologic patients

3. Post it on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #SomNarcis #Eurolines

The Daffodil Day is a public fundraising event of the non-profit Liga proti rakovine (League against Cancer) and, this year, it is held for the 20th time. One day in a year - this time it's the 15th of April, 2016, the streets of towns and villages will be full of yellow daffodils. Everybody who pins a daffodil on their clothes will show by this act their support and solidarity with those who are fighting cancer. By putting any sum of money to the cashbox of the Daffodil Day volunteers, they can help collect funds for a specific practical help to oncologic patients and their families throughout Slovakia.

During the whole year, Liga proti rakovine prepares projects and programs through which it helps the patients in their concrete problems, situations and challenges. In addition, it provides prevention programs and information to the entire society, it supports health care facilities, hospitals and other civil associations as well as the research related to oncologic diseases.

By pinning the yellow flower on the Daffodil Day, we transmit to the oncologic patients a message that they are not alone in their disease, that their fight touches all of us and that they have our support.

More information on how you can help is >>HERE<<

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