Buy your tickets in advance and get a discount up to 50%


The sooner you buy your ticket, the bigger discount you get!

On the international lines to London, Paris, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Geneva and Marseille, it is possible to buy travel tickets for great Promo prices if you buy your ticket in advance:

11 - 29 days prior to departure                  20% discount from the basic fare
30 - 44 days prior to departure                  35% discount from the basic fare
More than 45 days prior to departure      50% discount from the basic fare

From the 1st of April 2015, coaches will run 3 times a week on the Bratislava - Verona - Marseille - Avignon line!

All PROMO tickets have to be issued for a specific date of journey.
It is not possible to issue a return ticket for the PROMO price with an OPEN date of return.
It is not possible to cancel the PROMO tickets or combine it with another discount!
The number of PROMO tickets is limited!

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