Attention, on Sunday (28/10/2012) at 03:00 we are going to switch to winter time!


Attention! The Saturday to Sunday night will be  1 hour longer.  The time switch will take place on Sunday 28th October 2012, when at 3:00 o'clock in the morning watch hands will move back 1 hour hour to 2:00.
Buses that will be on the road at night should leave departure station in the evening according to the timetable. During the time switch, coaches must stay in designated areas to arrive to the next stop according to present timetable.

At that time we will have 5 buses on the way to abroad, namely to London, Rotterdam, Zurich, Stuttgart and Munich.

If you are traveling by a bus line operated by a different transport company, we recommend you to contact a specific operator for detailed information about traveling during the time switch.

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