The sooner you purchase your ticket, the bigger is your discount!

It is possible to purchase the ticket for wonderful promotion prices within the international lines to Prague in case you buy it in advance:

Get your preffered ticket to Prague


1st to 4th ticket

One-way ticket price 10.00 € / Return ticket price 19.00 €

5th – 10th ticket

One-way ticket price 12.00 € / Return ticket price 22.00 €

11th – 20th ticket

One-way ticket price 14.00 € / Return ticket price 24.00 €

21st ticket and further

One-way ticket price 16.00 € / Return ticket price 29.00 €

PROMOTION price for the Business Class routes are discounted if you purchase the tickets in advance. They are in three different price levels and the price increases with the approaching date of departure and the number of taken seats. Ticket with PROMO the price is not possible cancel, change date and time, change passenger name and combined with other discounts! Number of tickets with the promotion price is limited!

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