Strasburg is a city in the north-east of France, close to the border with Germany. It is the capital of the Alsace region, located on the Ill River, where it flows into the Rhine. It is the seat of the Council of Europe and European Parliament. It has an international airport and three universities. It is an important transport junction with a large in-country port located on the canal connecting the Rhine and Rhône.

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The name of Strasbourg comes from the name Stratenburgum - the city of roads, as it used to have a strategic location on the west bank of Rhine. In the 6th century, Strasbourg became a part of the Frankish Empire, in 762 it was the Bishop's residence and in 842, co-called Oaths of Strasbourg were signed here.

The historical centre of the city is dominated by the Gothic Cathedral Nôtre Dame de Strasbourg, the tallest medieval building in Europe with the height of 142 meters, built of red sandstone. Strasbourg is certainly entitled to bear the designation of "art metropolis".

Place des Halles, 24 place des Halles, is the main commercial centre comprising about 120 shops, 10 restaurants and bars. Two main shopping centres as located near the Kléber Square - Galeries Lafayettes, 22 Novembre Street, and Printemps, 1-5 rue de la Haute Montée.

Strasbourg is also known as the place of start of the first stage of the bicycle race Tour de France.

Its agglomeration contains the Strasbourg urban area on the left side of the Rhine and the German city Kehl on the right side. The two cities and two countries are connected by the Europe Bridge. Banks of the river Ill and the canal Fossé du Faux-Rempart enable a view of major monuments.

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