Paris is the capital of France and, at the same time, its largest city. After London it represents the most populated metropolitan area of the European Union. The city is one of the leading global economic and cultural centres. Thanks to its impact on politics, education, fashion, science and art, it became the fourth most important metropolis in the world.

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Paris became the capital city in 508. The crowning ceremony of Philippe Auguste was one of the most monumental moments for Paris. The King built a strong forth and began with construction of Louvre and the Sorbon University was established in 1215. Louis XIV. - The Sun King - moved to the castle in Versaille together with his courtiers in 1687.

One of the most important building s in Paris is the Notre Dame Cathedral built in the 13th century. The first extensive novel written by Victor Hugo was the The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, which was very successful and soon translated into other European languages.

Le Triangle D’Or or the Paris Golden Triangle is a famous Paris shopping centre, bordered by three main shopping streets – Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Avenue George V. and Avenue Montaigne. The latter is home of prestigious brands such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuiton, Prada or Gucci.

Paris hosted the summer Olympic Games twice: in 1990 and 1924. The first raid Dakar Rally (former Ralley Paris-Dakar) started from Paris in 1979. Paris Saint-Germain FC is a French football club found in 1970 in Paris. PSG is one of the most famous football teams. The club operates on the stadium Parc des Princes.

The city is situated in the curve of the river Seine dividing it into two parts. It is located in the centre of the Paris Basin, which is the core of extensive northern French plain, fertile agricultural area.

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