Geneva is a city in the south Switzerland, situated at the south-western end of Lake Geneva. It is the main banking centre and plays an important role in manufacturing watches and scientific tools with developed jewel-making and gastronomy. It is the seat of a number of international organisations.

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Due to the unique mixture of nationalities, formed especially by intellectual immigrants, the city became one of the educational centres for children from wealthy families. The standpoint of Geneva to religious tolerance in the reformation period contributed to its further development.

Visitors may view the Old City and some museums and the city museum may be also explored on foot. The metropolis is clean and has an excellent transportation system. The city organises manifold cultural events. The historical centre of the city originated on a small hill on the left bank of the Rhône, on top of which is the St. Peter's Cathedral now.

The most exclusive shopping centres in Geneva are situated near the streets Rues Basses, Rue du Rhône, Rue de la Confédération, Rue du Marché and Rue de la Croix-d’Or. The main shopping centre is located on Bon Génie, Rue du Marché 34, Globus, Rue du Rhône 48, and EPA, Rue de la Croix d’Or 4.

Genève-Servette HC is a Swiss ice-hockey club, a participant of the highest Swiss ice-hockey competition – National League A, based in Geneva. It was founded in 1905.

The city is situated at the end of Lake Geneva, where Rhône exits it. It is surrounded by two mountain chains, the Alps and the Jura. Almost 20% of the city area is covered by green vegetation, mainly around the lake and in the diplomat zone in the west. If there is a nice weather, the city enables the view of Mont Blanc (4,807 masl) covered with snow.

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