Brussels is the capital of Belgium and sometimes is referred to as the capital of Europe as it is the seat of the European Commission. As well as other municipalities of the Brussels Region, Brussels is officially bilingual and the official languages are French and Dutch. Brussels is the most important railway junction of Belgium.

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The Grand Place square is one of the most attractive squares in Europe. The Gothic town hall is the oldest building. Another famous building is the Royal Palace The triumphal arch has been located in Cinquantenaire Park since 1904. Its purpose is to remind of establishment of the Belgian state.

Belgians are keen on creative art and its traditions date back to distant past. Artwork of the most successful Flemish artists is available in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts. Much famous handwriting can be found in the collection of the Royal Library of Albert I.

As regards shopping and clothing, the first step is Rue Neuve, so-called New Street with the shopping centre City 2 and many other shops. A passage with elegant shops offers untraditional shopping possibilities. This market passage was built in 1847 and belongs to the first passages built in Europe.

The city is important also for the annual international marathon with runners from 40 countries.

The city is located on the River Senne connecting Brussels with the North Sea.

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