Country:  Belgium
Location:  50° 50' N  and  4° 21' E
Area:  32,61 km²
Population:  157 673
Density of Population:  4835 people/km²


Brussels, the capital of Belgium is sometimes entitled as the capital of Europe as the European Commission resides here.  Curiosity of the city is that the city itself has only 145 thousand inhabitants, but in the whole agglomeration, the population is about 1 million. Brussels region consists of 19 cities and one of them is Brussels itself with the area of 32,61 km². The name “Brussels” is often used also for the naming of the whole Brussels region with the area of 161 km².

Brussels is similarly officially bilingual, as all towns in the Brussels region

The official languages are French and Dutch.The name of the city in other languages:  Dutch - Brussel , French - Bruxelles, English - Brussels, German – Brüssel.

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