Athens is the capital and biggest city of Greece and the capital of Attica region. Today, Athens is a cosmopolite city, but also reminds of the ancient centre of culture and education.

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The Greek history is one of the most advanced histories of the entire world. The Athens were settled since the neolith era, but it became significant only in the Mycenaean era. The territory was inhabited by Ions, the most known personalities of ancient times were Dracon, Pericles and Miltiades. Later they many times became the enemies of the Persians, Spartans, Macedonians, Romans, Slavs, and Turks. Recent Athenians struggle to connect their culture to the culture of their ancient ancestors. Today, Athens is the centre of Greek culture.

Athens can boast with extensive cultural landmarks. You should surely visit the Acropolis, the antique Agora, the National Museums and Gardens, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Theatre of Dionysus. The Athenians enjoy organising several festivals, of which focus - irrespective of its topic - is food, drink and theatrical performance. There are more than 120 theatres in the city.

Although Athens has a very well-developed road infrastructure, you should hardly find shopping centres in the city. Even though the family shops offer a variety of specialties.

Athens is the cradle of the Olympic games, it is an ideal place for organising different sports events. The most popular activities are football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis, windsurfing and sailing.

Perhaps your first impression of the city is an infinitive number of buildings, but one should explore the old town near to which olive-trees are spread, to which the touristic routes are leading. The most well-known are: Royal Garden, Zappeio Park and Pedion tou Areos.

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